Oak Hill is a family owned farm in Meriwether County near Greenville, GA. Jean and I founded Oak Hill Cattle Company when our grandson Colton was diagnosed with a beef allergy, in an attempt to produce a healthier product for our family. We started with a single calf, raising it on a diet free of hormones and antibiotics, to determine if the allergy was due to the beef itself or the presence of additives and preservatives found in store bought products. We were pleased to find that Colton has not had an allergic reaction to any of the beef we have produced since.

We have now decided to market our beef directly to the public so your family can experience the same healthy, sustainable, additive free product that we enjoy. We welcome you to visit our farm for yourself, and even hand pick the calf of your choice to fulfill your needs. Feedback on your purchase is welcome and encouraged as we strive to create repeat customers who appreciate the quality and taste of our product.

Our Method

Our calves are all born at Oak Hill and are bred from our own herd of Angus cows and a Hereford bull. We believe this combination provides the ideal genetics to produce large steaks, while not compromising the taste of choice Mid-western beef. From birth to slaughter our calves are never given antibiotics or hormones. They are given vaccinations and supplements to protect against known cattle diseases at 6 months of age and a booster at 9 months. From birth, the calves stay with their mothers for the first 6-7 months. Once weaned, they graze grass for the next 4 months, which allows their structural framework to mature. For the following 6 months the steers are fed a grain ration comprised of ground corn, cottonseed hulls/meal, soybean hulls and a daily vitamin package. This step enhances the quality and taste of the beef. Throughout this entire process the steers have free- range access to hay and water.

Processing, Aging and Yield

Our steers are processed at Jeffers Meat Processing, a family owned butcher in Buchanan, GA. Our partnership with Jeffers allows Oak Hill Cattle customers the ability to place a custom order tailored to their specific cut, thickness and aging preferences. To see a chart showing the available cuts of beef, see the area of our website “How to Place an Order”.

Aging is a process where the beef is hung in a climate controlled cooler to allow the natural enzymes inside the meat to break down providing texture and flavor. Typically our beef is aged for 14 days, but further aging is available at no additional charge. Most steaks at an upscale restaurant will have been aged for 21 days. However, the additional aging will further dry the meat which will yield lower weight but will add flavor.

Most steers will weigh around 1200 lbs by the time they are ready for processing. Once dressed they will weigh 60%-65% of their live weight which will then yield approximately 30%-33% of their live weight in boneless packaged beef. As an example, the last steer we processed weighed 1200 lbs. When the beef was hung for aging it weighed 780 lbs; it then yielded 410 lbs of boneless beef after being aged for 14 days.

There are a lot of misconceptions to be found about the raising and processing of beef today, especially on the internet. I hope that the information I have provided will allow you and your neighbors to make a more informed decision about the quality of beef you choose for your family. Thank you for considering Oak Hill Cattle.

Jeffers Meat Processing Plant
41 Matt Dillon Road
Tallapoosa, Ga. 30176
Max Crook 770-646-3213

Beef Pricing

1/4 of Beef $925.00

(approximately 100 pounds of boneless beef)

1/2 of Beef $1,850.00

(approximately 200 pounds of boneless beef)

Whole $3,700.00

(approximately 400 pounds of boneless beef)

May your beef be on your plate,
and not with your neighbor.

Highest quality

Our beef is the highest quality cut of meat you can buy. We stand behind our work.

on time delivery

Orders will be delivered on time and with no hidden fees.

Happy Customers

Just ask any of our customers what they think, and they will all say the same.... THE BEST!

How to place an order

    1. Contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss any questions you have and decide if you want a ½ beef or whole beef. We will let you know approximately when it will go to the processor.
    2. To reserve a ¼ or ½ beef we require a 100 dollar deposit. To reserve a whole beef we require a $ 200 deposit. We will need a contact name, phone number and e-mail if available to stay in contact with you concerning your order. The balance of the purchase will be required before pick up of the beef.
    3. When the steer is delivered to Jeffers I will contact you with the weight and at this time give you a total price.
    4. At this time I will need you to fill out the spec sheet for the cuts desired as well as the thickness and number per package. I have attached a beef cuts chart to show what cuts are available as well as the spec sheet required by Jeffers. I will be glad to help with your selections.
    5. Depending on the aging you prefer (14 – 21 days) Jeffers will contact you for pickup. You can discuss a pickup date and time with them. They are currently open during the week as well as Saturdays for pickup.
    6. Enjoy your beef.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is farm raised beef?
    Beef that is born on our farm and raised with no growth hormones or antibiotics.
    2. How is the beef sold?
    Beef is available by the ½ or whole. If you prefer ¼ we will work with you to find someone to take the other ¼. If we can’t find someone your deposit will be refunded.
    3. How much freezer space will it take?
    A ½ beef takes between 8-9 cubic feet and a whole beef will take 18-20 cubic feet.
    4. How long can it safely be stored in the freezer?
    For full flavor it is suggested to consume it in 9 months however we have stored it for 12 months with no noticeable flavor change.
    5. What is a steer and why do you prefer to feed them out?
    A steer is a castrated male. They are chosen because they generally produce a more tender beef than bulls or heifers.

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